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Camp Crescent Moon 2019

Camp Crescent Moon is a sickle cell camp, located in California. While at camp the campers learn more about sickle cell disease, coping strategies, and standing up for themselves when they are misunderstood because of their disease. They have the opportunity to participate in skill building activities, overcome challenges and meet life- long friends.

They couldn’t stop talking about all the fun activities they had the opportunity to participate in. They both asked if they can go back next year!! 🙂

Sending a big thank you to Mary Brown & the entire Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California staff & volunteers for the great work you do.

Also, thank you to those who donate. Your donations helped cover the cost of travel for these youths. We desire to sponsor more youth next year. We are grateful for all donations. Small and Large!

-Sickled Not Broken Leadership

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